Frank Fiedler

aka Frank the bassman is a freelance bass player best known for his work with german acoustic soul band tok tok tok and Inge van Calkar.

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Tribute to the Great Piano Trios

2 Juni - Groningen

Lorem Ipsum Frank Fiedler plays his favorite songs from the great Jazz Piano Trios in a heavy swinging lineup with Gijs Dijkhuizen on drums and Jasper Blokzijl on piano.

Pieces made famous by the renowned Piano Trios of Oscar Peterson, Monty Alexander, Keith Jarrett and other legendary jazz musicians will be heard. After the concert set, there will be a short break, followed by the jam session.

Frank Fiedler was one of the founders of the German acoustic soul band 'tok tok tok', toured with them throughout Europe and won many international awards. The two fellow musicians are a perfect match for this project as both of them have a rich portfolio of swing-oriented classical jazz.

Jazz columnist Eddy Determeyer said about this show: "The rapid succession of notes from the leader suggested more of a bass guitar than the double bass he was using. He played precisely, fluent and singing, and in Tommy Flanagan's 'Denzil's Best', he even evoked the touch of the great Oscar Pettiford." (full review in dutch)

doors: 15:30
start: 16:00
Brouwerij Martinus, Kostersgang 32, Groningen
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Frank Fiedler, originating from a quaint village in Germany, is a virtuoso in both double bass and electric bass. His melodic and elegant bass playing has graced a diverse array of musical landscapes, not only enriching various jazz ensembles but also navigating across genres such as Soul, Folk, and Pop.

moving between jazz, folk, soul and pop

Fiedler's musical journey includes collaborations with folk artists like David Munyon, Allan Taylor, and the german bluegrass virtuoso Werner Lämmerhirt. However, he truly reached a wider audience as a member of the german acoustic soul band 'tok tok tok,' which went on for 15 years, winning the French Grand Prix SACEM, the German Jazz Award (five times) and several other awards. In more recent years, Frank Fiedler has expanded his artistic activities as a composer and live producer. His collaborative efforts with Inge van Calkar have earned them awards such as the NPO Radio 2 Topsong, the Radio Veronica Oorkonde Award, and Best Artist of the North award at ESNS.

As a double bass player he worked with german crooners Bill Ramsay and Peter Petrel, and also 'the german Nat King Cole' Melvin Edmondson. He toured with gypsy jazz musicians Kussi and Martin Weiss and was part of the Knut Richter Swingtett for many years. He played concerts with jazz musicians Stefan Abel, Ed Kröger and Otto Wolters. He also performed on several productions with the NDR radio philharmonic orchestra.


  • NPO Radio 2 Topsong for "Touchdown"
  • Radio Veronica Oorkonde Award for "Come A Little Closer"
  • "Best Artist of the North" at ESNS
  • German Jazz Award for "It Took So Long" (2003)
  • French Grand Prix SACEM (Singing and Composition) for "About" (2005)
  • German Jazz Award for "About" (2005)
  • German Jazz Award for "I Wish" best of 99/00 (2005)
  • German Jazz Award for "From Soul to Soul" (2006)
  • German Jazz Award for "50 ways to Leave Your Lover" (1999)


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Frank Fiedler

Solztalstrasse 13

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